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In this game, you are stuck on an island. You must survive 100 turns, after which you will be rescued!

However, you don't have any food, so you'll need to farm or hunt to get some... Also, winter starts soon...

Will you survive?


  • Arrow keys - Move
  • 1 - Build a house
  • 2 - Build a farm
  • 3 - Build a pasture
  • 4 - Build a cottage
  • 0 - Make clothes
  • C - Chop a forest
  • H - Hunt in a forest
  • S - Search for seeds in a grassland
  • W - Gather wool from a pasture
  • A - Warm up in a house or cottage

Buildings and concepts

  • House - Provides 1 food per turn. Only one can be built. Provides heat (20 wood)
  • Farm - Provides 1 food per turn. (50 wood, 5 seeds)
  • Pasture - Provides wool (W to harvest, costs 2 food)
  • Cottage - Provides heat (A to gain 5 heat, costs 1 wood in summer, 2 wood in winter)

  • Chopping forests - Provides 10 wood. Turns the tile into a Grass tile.
  • Hunting - You have a 50% chance of gaining 3 food.
  • Wool - Used to make clothes. You need 10 wool to make clothes.
  • Heat - The maximum heat you can have is 40. If you drop down to 0 heat, you lose 5 food per turn. You can gain heat in houses or cottages by pressing A. This will cost 1 wood in the summer and 2 in the winter.
Updated 11 days ago
GenreStrategy, Survival
Tags2D, Tilemap based tools, Top-Down
Average sessionA few minutes

Install instructions

Run the installer and choose a folder to install it to. When installed, open the folder and run either the "SurvivalLauncher.bat" file or the "game.exe" file.


Survival-0.0.0-win32.msi 17 MB

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